Digital VHF TV Transmitters

DBTV Series - Digital VHF TV Transmitters 

  • Generals. The new DBTV Series of Digital VHF Television Transmitters is fully compatible with the international DTV standards (DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB, etc...) and suitable for SFN (Single Frequency Network) and MFN (Multi Frequency Network) applications.
  • Output Power. The DBTV Series has an output power range from 6 W to 40 kW in analog operation and from 2 W to 12 kW in digital operation. The Transmitters are fully broadband.
  • Digital Modulator. The DBTV Series is equipped with a “high-performances” digital modulator fully and easily configurable to meet all the requirements of the digital standards.
  • Metering. Full transmitter metering, control, setting and system diagnostic available in the front panel and (optional) remotely.