Acquisition of the company branch formerly known as Screen Service

We are proud to inform you about the acquisition of the company branch formerly known as Screen Service that, from now on, will operate under the new name of Screen Future S.r.l

This acquisition plays a pivotal role and strengthens DB’s position as the global partner for your broadcasting needs across the world and as a provider of a complete range of equipment for analogue and digital television signals transmission and processing.
By acquiring the R&D know-how of Screen Service, we are pursuing DB Group’s focus strategy on deep domain specialisation, in order to address any challenging need in FM and TV domain.
In so doing, we also aim to deliver the most advanced solutions and an improved service to our customers, while optimising our manufacturing workflow and strengthening the entire group’s R&D developments.
The integration of our product offering for FM Broadcasting, TV Broadcasting, and Turn-key studios also enables us to create a complete synergy among our strong brands, sales and distribution channels to better address the increasingly sophisticated and demanding needs of a continuously evolving market.
This means that, from now on, our TV products range will be widened and strengthened by products you can find on the Screen product catalogue. 
For more information, please visit our Screen website which is going to be continuously updated.
We will keep posting about our latest news, stay tuned!

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