Technical support


On-line Services

Our Technical Departments in Padua, Bologna, Rome and Miami help every day customers' technicians to find the right solutions, thus saving time and money.

Factory services

An internal factory service with immediate spare parts shipment is available for products shipped from Padua, Bologna, Rome and Miami.

On-site services

DB Elettronica technical team is ready to fly all over the world to offer feasibility studies, technical services, training, supervision and installation on each domain of the Group: Radio FM Transmitters, Television Transmitters, Radio & Television Studios, Antenna Systems, Microwave Links.

Installation and Training.

Professional installation and highly specialized formation


- Transmitters and transmission systems
- Antenna systems
- Microwave links
- Amplifiers, exciters, etc.
- Radio and TV studies
- Scientific Equipment

Training in DB

We offer customized training in our laboratories.

On site training

Customised programs conducted by our Engineers on your site.

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