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The superstition has been replaced by reality and now we can say it officially: the Vega Basket Mestre 1958 is in Series B! A historic goal that has been missing for three decades in the city of Mestre, the result of the work of many leading people among all those supporters who ten years ago decided to raise up the company and a team, the one registered by Ciemme able to dominate the last regular season of C Gold and finally made history of basketball of Mestre.

“We are very happy to have achieved the goal,” said President Guglielmo Feliziani, “to return to Series B: after thirty years, it represents something that fills us with joy and proud of the company and the city of Mestre. We can’t wait to start this new adventure and, on the market front, I can say that our sports director has already token important steps to build the team. We were in fact convinced that we had the resources to gain access to the higher category and this challenge, in the end, has proven us right. We are happy, we have a lot of enthusiasm and we hope that now all the citizens of Mestre will equally demonstrate it, because the support of a whole community can allow us to grow further.”

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