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Mozart DDS EVO Compact FM Transmitters with Direct Digital Synthesis technology


  • Superior audio quality and sound puritythanks to the Direct Digital Synthesis technology
  • Suitable for SFN (Single Frequency Network) application, with internal modulation phase adjustment to optimize SFN network setting.
  • The highest AC efficiency, reaching over 70%, obtained by GREEN RF™ technology combined with 6th MOSFET generation.
  • Energy saving: higher efficiency means less energy and operational costs, less heat generated and cooling costs
  • Low maintenance costs, thanks to the easy access to all components, externally accessible cooling air filters to allow instant cleaning and replacement, 5 minutes replaceable fans without stopping the transmitter to keep you always on air.
  • High Reliability: very high MTBF for RF and power supply modules
  • Reduction of transport costs and simplified logistics: compact design and low weight,
  • Highest frequency stabilitydue to DDS technology
  • New user-friendly remote management: built-in Web server and SNMP, no software to install, easy access to setup and monitoring of all main parameters to grant the full control of the equipment even from remote and to save your time.
  • Built-in Dynamic RDS encoder: supports PI, PS, TA, TP, MS, PTY, PTYN, TA custom, up to 25 AF, DI, Dynamic PS scrolling. Synchronized with UECP serial protocol.
  • Customized Warnings and Alarms: easy user configuration for warnings and alarms




  • Automatic audio switch: easy setting of priority list of audio sources to grant the automatic switch to audio input backup
  • Powerful modulation limiter:keeping the maximum frequency deviation within international standards requirements, to avoid over modulations and adjacent channels interferences (the limiter can be soft or hard, threshold easily adjustable via web GUI interface).
  • Ideal for N+1 configuration use: the presence of multiple memory profiles allows the customer to store the main configuration parameters, with easy user recall. This is ideal in case of N+1 systems for a quick recover of the failed transmitter configuration to setup the reserve.
  • Storing configuration:actual configuration can be downloaded, stored and uploaded in another unit for easy recovery
  • Firmware upgradeable remotely(by WEB GUI).
  • Log file, with every TX alarm event tracked. The Log file can be saved in the PC in common text format.
  • Switch-mode power supply, highly efficient and widely over-rated power supply modules ensuring low heating, low AC power consumption and superior reliability. The PFC circuitry meets all international requirements for mains network disturbances.
  • High efficiency air cooling system, with heat-sink temperature rising only max 10°C above ambient temperature. This guarantees perfect functioning even in sites with extreme climate conditions and high temperatures.

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