When University and Business get together


DB Group has enthusiastically embraced the New #TourPMI project, welcoming at its headquarter brilliant University students of Ca’ Foscari in Venice (Advanced Business Strategy Course) and of Padua (Communication course).

The skills of the two university team combined with the entrepreneurial experience in the field, have given rise to a fruitful exchange which represents a double opportunity: for the company to receive new business inspiration and for the youngsters to discover the real entrepreneurial dynamics.

We would like to thank Banca IFIS for launching the initiative and choosing DB Group as one of the most representative entrepreneurial excellences in Italy. We also thank the young university students for their strategic analysis and for the video which tells the success of the new radio transmitter Mozart NEXT and our company made of passion, innovation and courage.

Read the Sole 24ore article here: https://bit.ly/2GnppBf