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DB firmly believes that innovation is a powerful tool for a better future and for this reason, since 1975, it has always been committed to investing in its Research & Development Department to design equipment with ever better quality and efficiency. Our technicians always take the utmost care in the small details to offer customers a product that is not only efficient but also easy to interact with. The result of all this can be seen from the fact that DB has sold and installed more than 80.000 transmitters in 180 countries around the world, becoming a leading company in the market.


GreenRF technology is the evolution of the COLD-FET technology adopted by DB for its transmitters. With the use of special high performance LDMOS transistors, this technology brings innumerable advantages, among which a high RF efficiency (> 70%), high reliability and safety, less heating and AC power consumption, which lead to a very longer transmission life.



MSE (Magnetic Sound Enhancer) is the DB technology which consists of a magnetic barrier that protects the VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator), the heart of the FM modulator, significantly increasing the sound quality.



Automatic Current Sharing technology consists of an automatic current balancing system and a perfect load distribution, creating optimal power operating conditions that lead to maximum redundancy. As a result, the output power loss in the event of a power failure is extremely low and, in a dual power supply configuration, the power loss in the event of a power unit failure is less than 35%.



Anodized Protection System, is a special treatment applied to the surface of the aluminium body of the transmitters and to some of its components, preventing corrosion due to humidity or sudden changes in temperature and increasing reliability and longevity.



With the Hot Swap System present in the transmitters it is possible to carry out maintenance on the power supplies with the machine on and on the air in less than 5 minutes as well as for the amplifiers in modular transmitters. Even the cooling fans can be removed, cleaned or replaced in just 5 minutes thanks to their placement outside the machine.



Responsive Cooling System is an optimized and highly efficient cooling system. Thanks to the ability to react to changes in temperature of the transmitter or the environment, the system guarantees correct operation and optimal performance even in extreme climatic conditions or in the presence of high temperatures. The cooling system keeps the heat sink temperature at optimum levels.



The DB air cooling system not only prevents the device from overheating but extends the life of the transistors by far. In the transmitters and amplifiers the fans are mounted externally to allow easy and quick cleaning, or possible replacement, without opening or removing any module and without interrupting the operation of the transmitter.



An oversized heat exchanger, single or double (optional), suitable for outdoor or indoor installation, and equipped with single or double pumping system (optional) for maximum redundancy, is the main component of DB's powerful liquid cooling system. Thanks to the special design of the liquid cooled heat sinks inside the amplifier and the low pressure liquid distribution, this system ensures high reliability, cooling efficiency and ease of installation. Compared to the air cooling system, the liquid cooling system brings several advantages, such as:

  1. Correct operation even in extreme climatic conditions
  2. Significant reduction in the amount of air conditioning required
  3. Correct operation in dusty environments, with high humidity or salinity
  4. Very low acoustic noise
  5. Low thermal dispersion in the environment
  6. Longer life of transistors and active components thanks to their continuous operation at lower temperatures.


Extremely detailed and intuitive web interface with all main parameters fully controllable and adjustable. Ability to remotely check the status of the transmitter and set malfunction alerts via e-mail and/or trap for prompt intervention. Firmware that can also be updated remotely and an easy back-up system for personal data and configuration.



The N+1 logic control units reduce the need for multiple backup transmitters by ensuring automatic switching in the event of a failure and automatic loading of the faulty transmitter configuration onto the spare one for a system always at full power.



XET ™ (eXtreme Efficiency Technology): using the latest generation of LDMOS devices, more robust and efficient than in the past, and with a special low-loss design of the matching and combination system, together with very high efficiency power supplies (over 96% efficiency ), this technology allows surprising transmission performance and several advantages: greater efficiency, compact dimensions and reduction of cooling systems are just some of the improvements obtained. The XET technology, applied to the amplifier section of the TV transmitters, guarantees an RF efficiency higher than 50% and an overall efficiency up to 42% without decreasing the performance in terms of M.E.R. (modulation error rate) and shoulder.



SWDT® (Software Defined Transmitters) technology implement different modulation patterns, either digital or analog (DVB, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB, DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, ATV, etc.) in the same hardware. It allows an easy selection of the operating modes remotely, via SNMP commands, via TCP/IP or even via a dedicated command inserted into the transport stream.



The Universal Adaptiveness System is the result of years of research and represents the state of the art of DTV transmitter technology worldwide. This system guarantees an incredible hardware configuration capability, using a very simple and intuitive software that is accessible both from the hardware itself and remotely. It is perfect for international broadcasters to increase the manageability of investments by reducing the types of transmitters and for national broadcasters thanks to its versatility in operating modes and configuration. The UAS can allow the user to set up the machine as a transmitter, heterodyne transposer, regenerative transmitter and gap filler, all in one hardware component.



DB has always been committed to offering products that are not only technologically advanced but also highly functional to facilitate any user operation and above all to reduce maintenance and logistics costs. Thanks to the continuous work of perfecting the design of its products, today DB can boast models of transmitters and amplifiers that are extremely compact, light weight and with simple and intuitive functions.


Thanks to its research and development center, DB is constantly working to improve the design of its products so that the interaction between user and devices is always easier, more intuitive and maintenance faster and cheaper. The clever placement with direct access of the fans in the back and outside of the transmitters and amplifiers and that of the power units with easy access are the result. Such as the combination of latest generation RF combiner technology with ultracompact unbalancing dummy loads and a smart intercommunication interface between RF modules, drivers, and Logical Control System.



The compact design of the transmitter allows the latter to be used in environments with limited space and grants an easier and economical logistics management.


The special design of the transmitters and amplifiers allows multiple configurations with high scalability which guarantees maximum flexibility and simplicity in the management of spare parts.



Meets or exceeds all safety standards and international electrical specifications.



LCD display for easy navigation, viewing and setting management.



Front panel with simple and intuitive controls. Buttons for direct activation of main parameters and indicator lights showing their status and signaling any malfunctions.


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