audio links STL DTS-DRS

Compact, simple and stable for an excellent stereo separation

The DTS and DRS Series are the perfect solution for Studio to Transmitter audio links, matching the networking needs of international broadcasters. These products are designed to be frequency agile and to reach the higher audio modulation performances with a very intuitive and complete front panel LCD display control system. The excellent characteristics make the DTS/DRS series one of the highest quality STL on the market.

Model list

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  • DRS/FM 87.5-108 MHz
  • DTS/3B, DRS/3B 210-270 MHz
  • DTS/4B, DRS/4B 310-470 MHz
  • DTS/G, DRS/G 900-970 MHz
  • DTS/2G, DRS/2G 1350-1800 MHz
  • DTS/2G, DRS/2G 2370-2480 MHz

Synthesized Agility

From 210 to 970 MHz (/3B, /4B, /GHz models) and from 1.35 to 2.5 GHz ( /2G models): the transmitted and received frequencies can be easily set by the front panel LCD display.

Compact, simple, stable.

The compact dimensions of the units, the smart internal design for easy maintenance, the very high frequency precision and stability thanks to the temperature compensated crystal are only a few key points for this STL Series.

Excellent stereo separation

A built-in group delay and amplitude pre-corrector guarantees a very low linear distortion and a great stereo separation in the whole 15kHz band.

High sensitivity

Using ultra low noise receiving input amplifiers, selective filters and with a powerful demodulation circuit the obtained receivers sensitivity is very high, so allowing longer link distances with reduced antenna investment also in highly noisy RF environments.

Low noise

The excellent signal to noise ratio either in mono or in stereo assures the perfect use of this STL in multi-hops networks without decreasing the audio quality.

Great RF immunity

Great RF immunity allows to operate in most hostile RF environments.

High adjacent channel rejection

High adjacent channel rejection, obtained thanks to the excellent
mechanical shielding and the RF selective filtering.

Full metering

Complete diagnostic and measurement of all the main parameters is available using front panel LCD display. Full remote control is available as WEB server and/or SNMP as option.

Meets or exceeds all international standards

For safety and electrical specifications.

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